Gingher 2016 Designer Series Sawyer - 8" Dressmaker Shears

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The Gingher 2016 Designer Series - Sawyer 8" Dressmaker Shears -   with a precision ground edge - cuts flawlessly all the way to the points. Hand-crafting ensures that each pair of scissors and shears is a unique treasure sure to become an heirloom. Unsurpassed in quality and beauty. The Sawyer Designer's Series scissors sophisticated design feature a geometric red vine on white background and are sure to add a touch of sophistication to your collection and have been produced as a limited edition. Use a G-S sharpening stone for blade maintenance.

* Available now - There is a limited number of scissors produced & they will sell out*

The ornamentation process used in producing these scissors gives every pair a unique design making each an original. No two scissor have the same pattern the Pictured scissor is a representative sample of the pattern the actual scissor your receive will look similar but not exactly the same.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review